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Screen Printing

M&R Automatic Printing Press

After the screens are placed and aligned into the press we are ready to begin printing. The automatic printing press shown above can print about 800 shirts an hour. It is a pneumatic press running on 155lbs of compressed air. A rotory screw compressor with a 15 Hp 3 phase motor and a 200 gallon tank is needed to power this press.

The press shown above is an 8 color screen printing press, it has 8 printing heads and 10 pallets. The pallets are what we will place the shirt on for printing.

gauntlet gauntlet palet

The screens will stay stationary during the printing process, while the pallets will rotate one at a time in a counter clockwise motion. Rising up to the screens after each index for printing. Then dropping down to move to the next station.

Two people are needed for this operation, one for loading the shirt onto the pallet, and the other for taking the shirt off the pallet, Inspecting the shirt for imperfections and then setting it on the drying belt.

silk screen on press Printing Regulator


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