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Fishead Custom Printing

Art Department and Graphic Design

Custom artwork is available from our art department. We can create your art from scratch or modify your existing art and ideas. Fishead's art staff are professional, courteous and extremely creative! If you're not up to designing your own art in our Design Studio, then let us create one for you!

If you decide you’ll want our art department to design for you, feel free to send us any components the art you already have. Web graphics aren’t that great for printed art, but PDF’s, Illustrator, Corel Draw or high resolution "raster" art are.

We can touch up your existing art and provide almost all versions of art files including all Adobe products and 3rd party files. Nothings too big or too small for our art department

Questions about art?

Upload your art to's Art Department or you can contact our art department directly at Questions about submitting art or having custom art produced? Check our FAQ Page!